Urinary stasis as a last warning

If a urethral stricture is continuously ignored despite clear symptoms in the body of the affected person, it will eventually lead to urinary stasis. Urinary stasis describes a complete blockade inside the urethra that prevents the patient from urinating at all. A longer urinary stasis makes the urine to back up as far as to the kidneys. This will cause severe pain and can eventually lead to a complete kidney failure if it remains unattended. At this point, the patient’s life is in acute danger and requires immediate medical attention. Such a situation can easily be avoided: men should seek the help of a urologist at the first sign of…

Accidents as a cause for urethral stricture

Accidents can also be a cause for urethral stricture. There are several accidents, which are considered to be distinctive for suchlike injuries. There are pelvic fractures, for example, or blunt traumas of the genital areas as well. These so called straddle traumas can be induced by falling off a bike, for instance. In consequence of the damage the urethra can be injured, too, or at worst it could tear. In the event of a minor injury, the subsequent scarring of the tissue can eventually lead to a urethral stricture.