Important note: Please ask for detailed information about the different therapy options!

Experiences have shown, doctors often choose the therapy applied to in their clinic/practise.
Talking about a difficult caseUrethra strictures are often treated with slitting and bougienage due to the simplicity of the method and the generous reimbursement of the health insurance. But both therapy forms are verified as being ineffective treatments directly after the first treatment. They cause further scarrings with the danger of irreparable urethra damage. Therefore, the numerous slittings and bougienages of patients with an urethra stricture can be counted as medical malpractice.
Both therapies don´t lead to a permanent healing, but to a temporary elimination of an urethra narrowing only. In the long-term, these methods cause a worsening of the symptoms.

Keep in mind, the doctor may choose the form of therapy by also considering economic aspects. With regard to the science of management aspects of a clinic or practice, a therapy including repetitive treatments can be seen as beneficial.

In our experience, the oral mucosa plastic is the best therapy to eliminate the urethra stricture. Due to the fact that not all clinics offer the oral mucosa therapy with the cell transplant Mukocell, it may happen, that the risks regarding extensive oral mucosa removal are belittled. There may be a lack of information regarding an oral mucosa plastic including cell therapy. It is also questionable, if the doctor in charge has appropriate knowledge of operations in the mouth area. Urologists are normally not trained on this type of operation.

The lack of information about the oral mucosa plastic with MukoCell is a significant mistake that can lead to damages claims against the doctor. For this reason, we recommend to get a second opinion from a clinic working with the modern oral mucosa plastic with cell therapy.