Do health insurances funds reimburse the costs for treatment with MukoCell?

The costs for medical care in hospitals will be reimbursed whereas the costs for MukoCell will usually not be compensated by health insurance funds yet. That is why the section Specialists shows a list of hospitals compensating the costs for MukoCell treatment. Here patients will not have to face additional costs.

What are the side effects of MukoCell?

No undesirable side effects are reported. There are no repulsionary or allergic reactions, since MukoCell is solely retrieved from the patient’s own cells. Anyhow, please do not hesitate to ask your treating doctor about possible side effects.

Which doctor has experience with MukoCell?

The section Specialists contains a list of doctors, who are well-experienced with MukoCell.

What is the course of treatment with MukoCell?

The first step is a small oral mucosa biopsy (approx. 0.5 m²) from the patient’s cheek. After three weeks the MukoCell–graft is fully cultivated and will be implanted by your treating doctor. For the stay in the hospital usually a duration of 5 to 7 days has to be expected.

What are the results of treatment with MukoCell?

Treating doctors report that the urethral reconstruction with a tissue replacement and the traditional urethral repair with buccal mucosa lead to comparable results. The decisive advantage is that there is no demand for extensive extraction of mucosa, which omits the risk for complications in the oral area.