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The cost for urethral reconstruction using tissue engineered oral mucosa will be covered.

Prof. Dr. med. habil. Udo Rebmann of Diakonissen Hospital – is a specialist for urology, andrology and medicinal tumor therapy as well as head physician of the urology, pediatric urology and urological oncology clinic at the Dessau Diakonissen Hospital. The renowned urologist has dealt with diseases of the genito-urinary system for many years and is a specialist in the field of surgical urology. In the course of his work with patients suffering from urethral strictures, he repeatedly noticed that common forms of therapy for urethral strictures are only insufficiently suitable for long-term therapies.
On one hand, there are treatment methods that come with a high relapse rate, such as the bougienage or urethra cleaving. These methods not only have the significant disadvantage of the possible return of symptoms with the need to treat the patient again, but they may also cause the medical statement to worsen in the long-term through the therapy itself. On the other hand, there are the surgical treatment options, which are more successful, yet more complicated in their execution and come with epiphenomena that are uncomfortable for patients. For chronically ill persons, for example, long and complicated surgeries bring great risks, especially so when tissue has to be transplanted on a large scale. For urethroplasties, oral mucosa tissue is a proven transplant, but for patients this means that they have to live with a large-scale lesion in their mouths post-surgery, which is painful and impedes ingestion.
This difficulty has led to the development of an innovative procedure, in which only cells instead of tissue parts are extracted from the oral mucosa. From these cells, transplantable tissue is grown in the laboratory over several weeks, not only simplifying surgery and shortening surgery time, but also promising a gentler intervention and more painless healing was for patients with a urethral narrowing. So far, this method is only applied in few clinics in Germany. Among these is the clinic for urology, pediatric urology and urological oncology of the Dessau Diakonissen Hospital under the direction of head physician Prof. Dr. Rebmann.
Affected patients should pay attention to a comprehensive and complete education about urethra strictures and treatment options by a qualified urologist upon the diagnosis being made in order to receive suitable therapy. Ideally, they contact a clinic that is familiar with the innovative procedure in which only cells have to be extracted from the oral mucosa. Affected patients interested in this form of therapy are welcome to contact head physician Prof. Dr. Rebmann. He will counsel them extensively and comprehensibly and will clear up all aspects necessary for the patient’s decision making. Depending on the values of symptoms, it is especially important not to wait too long with the start of therapy, as it may come to grave complications otherwise, caused by urinary stasis and the infections resulting thereof.
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