The advantages of urethral bougienage / urethral dilatation

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Advantages (+):

  • outpatient treatment without anesthesia possible

Disadvantages (-):

  • very high probability of recurrence and complication rates
  • procedure must be repeated regularly
  • repeated interventions worsen the disease and lead to long segment stricture
  • long-term prognosis worsen with each additional procedure

The urethral bougienage/ Urethral dilatation in detail!

Bougienage (dilatation)

Bougienage is tantamount to stretching. This is also the oldest form of therapy in a urethral stricture. As part of this treatment, a catheter is inserted into the urethra, the urethra can be by dilating. This can be, for example, a balloon catheter. After detailed explanation is even the possibility that the patient performs the self-distention.

This method has the disadvantage that the stretching effect is only for a certain time. The narrowing of the urethra occurs again, is to stretch again. The first relapses are to be expected already four to six weeks after surgery at a bougienage. In addition, over time the distance from bougienage to bougienage becomes shorter.

Moreover, the insertion of the catheter at regular intervals lead to minor injuries to the urethra, which negatively affect the constriction additionally.

The expansion of the urethra should be used in patients with severe acute urinary retention or urinary retention. The therapy is suitable for patients who do not want to undergo surgery, or in which the risk of anesthesia in an operating room is too high

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Transplant from the patient’s own oral mucosa tissue

A new method allows for the gentle urethral reconstruction with the help of autologous tissue replacement. This transplant is cultivated in a cleanroom laboratory from the patient’s own oral mucosa cells. The size of the tissue replacement is based on the extent of the replaceable piece of the urethra. After that, this autologous tissue replacement is implanted at the exact location where the patient previously had a urethral stricture that was surgically removed. Actually a surgical procedure, it represents the reconstruction of the urethra with oral mucosa.
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