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Prof. Dr. med. H. Knispel – Saint Hedwig-Krankenhaus – is specialist for urology and head of department of the clinic for urology in the Saint Hedwig-Krankenhaus of the Alexianer in Berlin. By his specific additional recognitions for Special urological Chirogie, Andrology and Drug tumor therapy he is a specialist in the area of the urology and has collected within the scope of his long-standing activity an amount of experience with urethra illnesses. From the practise can be said that the ureteral stricture a particularly complicated illness is whose treatment shows a challenge to every urologist and urological surgeon. On the one hand the numerous investigations which indicate unequivocal findings at last in combination are necessary to the statement of the narrowing of the urethra. But even if this is given, is the decision which therapy is the right choice, from a lot of individual factors for the single patient dependent. Thus can have the ureteral stricture different causes. If the narrowing was released by an enlarged prostate gland, treated must become causally, then one repairs the enlargement of the prostate, then the urethra narrowing disappears by itself. If an injury of the mucous membrane is given, whether now by an accident or by a mechanical irritation of the mucous membrane (by bubble catheter, endoscopies or similar), must be calculated on narrowing by scarring.
The classical procedures of treatment have partly either a very high reoffending rate (for example, the distention/ bougienage of the urethra), or are connected with an infection risk (for example, by the application of a stents). The slotting of the urethra has a little better prospects of success, however, only with the first-time appearance of the narrowing, however, not more with potential relapses. Now, fortunately, there is an innovative therapy method which allows to restore a healthy mucous membrane of the urethra. A healthy urethra with an intact mucous membrane is copied by the combination of the surgical urethra plastic with which the affected part of the urethra is removed with a transplant of mucous membrane cells from the oral mucosa. The oral mucosa cells are taken in the approach and more than three weeks in the lab grown, until the graft has reached the right size. Then it can be used as a fabric substitute with the urethra plastic, so that the patient has a functioning urination at the end again. The procedure is still very new and is carried out in few medical centres in Germany. Prof. Dr. med. Helmut H. Knispel of the Saint Hedwig-Krankenhaus is one of the first specialists in the area of the urology who apply this advanced therapy method. It distinguishes itself in particular by the fact that it is very careful and that the healing chances are still comparatively very good with this complicated illness. Hence, affected patients can be sure that they are with head of department Prof. Dr. Knispel and his team in good hands.

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